Omaha shooting: New testimony reveals what led to murder
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Omaha shooting: New testimony reveals what led to murder

Jan 04, 2024

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An Omaha woman will go to trial on allegations that she shot and killed a security guard at a bar in May.

Douglas County prosecutors said they have security footage showing the moment that 26-year-old Keloni Jones shot and killed 23-year-old Gom Gout in the Capitol District. Jones is charged with second-degree murder.

Omaha police detective Chad Frodyma said video from Moe & Curly's Pub, where Gout had worked for just one day, captured the incident that he said started with multiple fights between Jones and other women.

"Able to get Ms. Jones on the ground and delivered multiple punches and kicks to Ms. Jones," Frodyma said.

Frodmya said the fight is breaking up, and the video shows Jones rummaging in her purse for something.

"The victim, Mr. Gout, dressed in a red shirt that says security rushes out and tries to break up the fight," Frodmya said.

The detective testified that the video shows Gout moving from one group of women to Jones.

"He approaches Ms. Jones. He approaches her. Mr. Gout's right hand is down to his side, his hand is kind of up like this in a kind of calming motion," Frodyma said.

Frodyma testified that Jones pushes Gout and raises the gun, then tries to sidestep him, but Gout moves, too.

She shoves him and levels her gun at Gout, and the group of women behind him.

"As she completes the push on Mr. Gout, she brings the firearm over the top by her head, points it at Mr. Gout, at which point Mr. Gout is shot," Frodyma testified.

Police said they found Jones west of the bar near 25th and Dodge streets.

"The victim in this case, Mr. Gout is just doing his job as a security guard trying to keep the peace," prosecutor Rob McTaggart said.

Prosecutors said there was no danger when Jones fired the gun, saying the fight had broken up and was over.

"From a self-defense point, she's safe, she can retreat, there's no reason," McTaggart said.

The defense argued the charge should be manslaughter, and said detectives pointed out it was just two minutes between the attack on Jones and her friend, and Gout approaching her.

Detectives said it was 11 seconds between his approach and the gun firing.

Jones' attorneys said that points to self-defense.

"She's confused, she's scared for her safety, you've got a group of women she's outnumbered, she's been brutally attacked, and you have a man in a red shirt approaching her; she doesn't have her glasses," defense attorney Nissa Jones said.

The judge sent the case to trial on that second-degree murder charge, and Jones will continue to be held with no bond.

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