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How "Across The Spider

Sep 07, 2023

For the film, they redesigned Spider-Man India's comic costume to make it more in tune with his cultural background.

Senior Entertainment Producer

I feel like that's a pretty spot-on name to describe Pavitr's down-to-Earth personality, as well as his responsibilities as a superhero to bring light when there is darkness.

In the comics, Spider-Man India's costume consists of the iconic red and blue Spidey suit we all know, along with dhoti (baggy pants) and mojari (traditional Indian footwear that has an extended curled toe) being worn to give the character some spice. Meanwhile, in Across The Spider-Verse, the Indian touches to Pavitr's suit feel more cohesive. We still have the red and blue Spidey suit and the dhoti, but it's now accompanied by gold bangles and other stylistic markings on the costume that make it much more memorable. Like, THIS is the image I would think of if someone said Spider-Man India.

The bangles could also potentially resemble a "damaru", which is a small two-headed drum found throughout India. In Hindusim, the damaru (also known as the power drum) is the instrument of Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity. When played, it is believed to generate spiritual energy. Shoutout to Raghav Raj Singh for pointing this out on Twitter!

It can depend on the person, but Indian people generally have wavy or curly hair. Pavitr could have been given any hairstyle, so it's refreshing to see this small reference to what Indian hair actually looks like. Also, according to Pavitr, all it takes to get these wavy locks is "coconut oil, prayers, some genetics".

It's so important to me that they actually got an Indian actor to voice Spider-Man India — because I just know that Karan understood the nuances of his character (especially since he was born in India) and how important this role is. Karan is also a huge fan of Into The Spider-Verse and even auditioned for Pavitr using Miles' monologue at the end of the first film where he says, "Anyone can wear the mask. You could wear the mask. If you didn't know that before, I hope you do now." ABSOLUTE BODY CHILLS! What a full-circle moment.

According to Karan, Chris Miller and Phil Lord (the writers and co-producers of Across The Spider-Verse) were very collaborative and open to his suggestions, including the iconic "chai tea" moment.

If you're wondering why Mumbai and Manhattan, they do share some similarities. They're both densely populated and have been described as the financial and commercial capitals in their respective parts of the world. Plus, I think it was just another way to show the blend of Spider-Man's American influence with Pravitr's Indian background.

People, rickshaws, cars, scooters, kids, animals — all running about, but it's organised chaos.

It's part of daily life in India to get some samosas or pakoras, or whatever's cooking from your local vendor — and it tastes so damn good.

Major side eye at the Royal family. Return the Koh-i-Noor diamond to India!!!

In India, we would never say Aunt Maya, but instead Maya auntie. Just another small but significant reference to Indian culture, although I do wish they used "mausi" which means "aunt" in Hindi. Plus, I also need to point out that it looks like Maya auntie is wearing a salwar kameez, which is a common, everyday Indian outfit made up of a shirt/tunic, pants and scarf. Also, I'm preeeeettty sure I have a table in my parent's home that looks EXACTLY like the one in this scene.

This is one of my FAVOURITE scenes because it's so hilarious and relatable. Let this be a warning to people who also say "naan bread".

I'm hopeless at reading Hindi, so I asked my mum to translate and she said the phrase is referencing a "burst" or "snap" sound effect, which makes sense in the context of the Spidey vs. Spot fight.

How many times have you heard of someone "finding themselves" after a trip to India? As Pavitr says, "Don't eat, pray, love me, bro."

Shoutout to Daniel Pemberton, who did the soundtrack for Across The Spider-Verse.

Fingers crossed we get to see more of him in future Spidey films!