Billings residents turn to alternative health services to maintain wellness
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Billings residents turn to alternative health services to maintain wellness

Apr 06, 2023

BILLINGS — With the influx of several wellness centers like IV Nutritionand Restore Hyper Wellnessin Billings, community members are turning to alternative services like IV drip therapy to stay healthy.

Billings resident Lynn Harper said she didn't expect her body to change so much during menopause.

"I wanted to feel better," said Harper at IV Nutrition at 1423 38th St. W. suite 2 on Sunday.

After having no luck with over-the-counter supplements, she decided to try IV drip therapy at IV Nutrition, which opened in January of this year.

"I’m spending just as much on vitamins over the counter. Now I know I’m getting the right stuff," Harper said.

She's getting 100% of the nutrients in a customizable IV drip made in-house, which wouldn't happen while taking supplements orally.

"That's going to be around that 30% of what your gut can actually absorb from that, whereas when we do it through an IV, you’re getting 100%," said registered nurse Morgan Patterson, the co-director of IV Nutrition.

Since they offer wellness blood testing, Harper knows what she's getting and where she's nutrient deficient.

"I feel like this is a blessing, a gift from above, that this has come into me ‘cuz I’ve been struggling for the last four years," Harper said.

Patterson said anyone as young as 16 to as old as 90 can and do use their services, whether it's IV drip therapy or intramuscular shots for a variety of reasons, such as long-haul COVID symptoms.

"A lot of what we do with those clients is different drips to increase their immunity and decrease brain fog," said Patterson.

It's a niche business that's gaining popularity. Restore Hyper Wellness opened at 1008 Shiloh Crossing Blvd. suite 1 last November.

"I think a lot of people's mindset is kind of shifting from that reactive to more of a proactive, preventative mindset," said Restore Hyper Wellness registered nurse Katie Kelleher on Monday.

They also offer IV drip therapy and intramuscular shots as well as a whole other slew of services.

"Our core services include our compression therapy, our whole-body cryotherapy, and our infrared sauna," Kelleher said.

I tried their cryotherapy machine, where the goal is to drop the body's temperature down 30 to 40 degrees to help reduce pain and relieve inflammation.

It was a chilly, cool experience. My body temperature dropped to the 50s while I was inside the chamber, and I felt a burst of energy after I got out.

Restore also offers esthetician services, red light therapy, and customizable plans to help clients reach their health goals.

Restore Hyper Wellness and IV Nutrition may offer different services, but their goal is the same.

"In reality, it's a more natural functional medicine approach to overall well-being," Patterson said.