Save $300 on This LG WashTower & Dryer Bundle Today
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Save $300 on This LG WashTower & Dryer Bundle Today

May 25, 2023

It's tall, it's thin, it washes and dries clothes, and it looks like it belongs in the backdrop of a Wes Anderson film. It's the front-loading LG WashTower, which is designed to save space in your home and be one of the most convenient laundry tools you’ve had in years. It's on sale right now over at LG, for $300 off its usual price of $2,199. So, if you’re looking for a way to completely redesign your laundry room (and, say, make room for your art project) or are wishing to bring laundry into a more convenient location altogether, consider picking up an LG WashTower for just $1,899 while this sale lasts.

"Oh, just 27 by 30 and 3/8ths." That's the phrase you should practice for when people ask you how much floor space the LG WashTower is taking up in your home. To compare, a quick session with my washer and dryer combo revealed it was three elbow-to-fingertip lengths long, or approximately 54 inches wide, roughly double that of the LG WashTower. Much like towers in big cities, there is your main draw and crowd pleaser with the LG WashTower, it's just super spatially consistent. Though, do note, when you open the door fully that 30 3/8″ will become 55″.

But still, there has to be more to this machine that space-saving goodness, right? Of course! It's got AI tech that calibrates to whatever you load inside it, making sure wash motions and drying times work better for what you’ve put inside. In other words, if the laundry is still a little bit wet your buddy Sensor Dry isn't going to leave you hanging by sending out a *ding* like so many of his friends would. There's also a special wash cycle (called ‘Allergiene’) designed to remove up to 95% of allergens from your clothes, via steam, if you need something like that.

Ready to save space and get a smart washer and dryer? Follow the button below to get your LG WashTower for just $1,899, which is $300 off the usual price of $2,199. If you’re not sure yet, or want to try to make do with what you have, try putting this mini-drawer below your washer for a more convenient load today. Then, check out this cool-smelling detergent to make every load smell just a bit different.