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Little Kids, Inc Has a Bubble

Mar 30, 2023

Expect to hear the word Balloobles this season as kids delight in this inflatable bubble machine from Little Kids Inc that blows continuous streams of bubbles featuring favorite friends like Bluey, Minnie, Paw Patrol or Spider-Man! This huge inflatable can be played two ways – handheld, using the bubble tube handle – or tabletop, for the perfect centerpiece at your next party using the Amazon-exclusive bubble base. Whether you choose Spider-Man, Minnie, Bluey or Paw Patrol, every Ballooble inflates to over 15" tall.

Want to get kids groovin’? The Bluey Dance Mode Bubble Mic is a voice-activated bubble blower that starts blowing bubbles when you sing into the microphone. TTPM editors just got their hands on this interactive toy and noted, "kids will have fun singing, dancing, yelling, and being silly while also blowing and chasing bubbles around the yard. This bubble blower makes it easy for preschoolers to blow bubbles, and kids will think it's magic how the sound of their voice makes the bubble action start. This is a great way to encourage imaginative and active outdoor play."

Fubbles Light-Up Bubble Torch is an instant bubble party. Kids can press the button to shine a dazzling light show on their ceiling and watch as a wild flurry of bubbles comes jetting out. It gets kids up and active during the day and turns into a nighttime light show at night!

Last year Little Kids Inc and Fubbles introduced families to Cocomelon No-Spill Musical Bubble Machine and Baby Shark No-Spill Musical Bubble Machine for toddlers. Hear "Wheels On The Bus" from the watermelon-colored smiley face or the "Baby Shark" song from a toothy pint-sized shark. Grownups can choose 1 of two modes for their little ones: bubbles with or without music.

All of these bubble makers continue to fascinate young fans (and appreciative parents) with their No-Spill design. Non-stop bubbles are the name of the game with Fubbles No-Spill Fun-Finiti Bubble Machine. It's easy to use and provides up to 1 hour of nonstop bubble making magic before needing to be refilled. Who doesn't want more play and less mess? Look for these outdoor toys online at Amazon and/or at specialty toy stores and Fat Brain Toys.

Balloobles Little Kids Inc Bluey Dance Mode Bubble Mic Fubbles Light-Up Bubble Torch Cocomelon No-Spill Musical Bubble Machine Baby Shark No-Spill Musical Bubble Machine Fubbles No-Spill Fun-Finiti Bubble Machine