Lensmart Announces Selection of Blue Light Blocking Glasses for 2023
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Lensmart Announces Selection of Blue Light Blocking Glasses for 2023

May 25, 2023

NEW YORK, June 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an increasingly tech-powered world, people often spend several hours staring at a device's screen. However, digital eye strain and fatigue become a huge consequence of this advancement. If you have this problem, it's best to consider protective eyewear like blue light glasses.

Should you buy this type of eyeglasses? This guide from Lensmart might just help you make that decision.

Do blue light glasses work?Blue light refers to the light rays emitted by digital screen devices and lighting fixtures like LED and fluorescent. It is also present in the rays of the sun. Unlike popular belief, blue light is naturally occurring and is a specific wavelength of light energy. In fact, it has the highest energy level on the light spectrum.

Because of its strength, blue light has a big potential to cause eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. In some cases, it causes sleep disruption by affecting the body's body clock or circadian rhythm. Prolonged exposure can damage the retina, which is the eye's innermost layer playing a significant role in the vision process.

Blue light blocking glasses have specialized filters that either absorb or block this type of light. They mainly reduce blue light exposure. No studies still fully support the claim that this eyewear prevents eye strain. However, it's worth investing in a high-quality pair because these glasses are a barrier between your eyes and digital screens.

The development of blue light blocking glassesVarious lab experiments revealing the potentially harmful effects of blue light made rounds on the news. In the 1960s, the early versions of the blue light blocking eyeglasses were introduced. This eyewear became the answer to the growing concern of digital eye strain caused by electronics.

This type of glasses waned over the years but made a successful comeback in the late 2010s. The modern blue light specs work by blocking or absorbing a percentage of blue light exposure. This eyewear has a special coating that filters this specific wavelength. These eyeglasses protect your eyes from harmful rays, which the naked eye cannot block by itself.

The most effective blue light glasses can filter as much as 35% of blue light. Some designs, particularly those with a sepia-toned print, can block almost all blue light rays (98%). However, these lenses can make objects and surroundings appear reddish-brown, which may disrupt your vision.

Lensmart's blue light blocking glasses for 20231.Frode Square GlassesThis pair of Frode square glasses of Lensmart features large lenses that provide excellent coverage and protection for the eyes. The purely metal frame comes with nose pads and a thick nose bridge for a secure fit. These blue light specs are simple yet enhance your look while also filtering harsh rays effectively.

2.Minda Square GlassesIf you want unique frames for your blue light blocking glasses, the Minda square glasses are a good option. It's not your typical square-shaped spectacles—the brow line has distinct angles that enhance your facial features further.

3.Caius Cat-eye GlassesThe no-nonsense frame of the Caius cat-eye glasses features thin rims and a flexible shape that can match virtually anyone. The medium-sized lenses offer blue light filtering without overpowering your facial features. Plus, it looks uber chic and stylish, too!

4.Maverick Aviator GlassesThe Maverick aviator glasses are as classic as they come, with a full metal frame that's sleek and elegant. This teardrop cut is great for most face shapes, especially wearers with square, oval, or heart-shaped faces.

5.Elizaveta Oval GlassesOne of the current trends in eyewear is oversized lenses, which is also an ideal feature for blue light glasses. The Elizaveta oval glasses offer coverage and classic style that offers both fashion and functionality.

6.Cyprian Rectangle GlassesSome people like smaller eyeglass frames like the Cyprian rectangle glasses. The shape covers just enough of the eye area yet can still filter blue light like bigger spectacles. This pair is great for wearers who only need to don glasses when working in front of the computer.

7.Glitz Aviator GlassesThe Glitz aviator glasses put a fun twist to this vintage shape by boasting uniquely colored rims. Available in several colorways, this pair of eyeglasses are another budget-savvy and comfy choice for blue light blocking eyewear.

8.Zo Round GlassesThe round lower rims of the Zo round glasses meet an angular brow line, making it a true standout. It's ideal for wearers who work long hours in front of the screen. It's lightweight and made of top-quality metal that is sturdy and long-lasting.

9.Afton Rectangle GlassesIf you prefer a simple cut and shape, the Afton rectangle glasses are perfect for you. It's one of the smaller frames in this selection but offers great protection against blue light. With different colors available, you can wear the version that matches your color preference.

10.Hayes Oval GlassesPeople with angular faces can soften their sharp lines with the Hayes oval glasses. The frame design smartens any outfit and adds coolness to your aesthetic. With great coverage from the brows to the tips of the cheek, this pair is perfect as blue light eyeglasses.

Features of Lensmart's blue light glassesThere are many optical shops that sell blue light specs, but what makes Lensmart's selection worth choosing? The best reason is the quality and affordability you can get from our store. Lensmart stays true from the listing to the virtual try-on, ensuring what you see is what you get.

Every frame is designed and crafted by experts who have decades of experience in the field, and they are providing the most durable and long-lasting eyewear. Furthermore, Lensmart offers the best prices for every type of budget. You can spot the hottest deals and discounts in the site's blue light glasses collection. If you want to purchase the best pair that fits you perfectly, Lensmart is the best answer!

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