How to get Travel Medallion, Shrine Sensor, and Hero’s Path in Zelda: TOTK
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How to get Travel Medallion, Shrine Sensor, and Hero’s Path in Zelda: TOTK

Mar 12, 2023

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Upgrade your Purah Pad for essential perks

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Purah Pad replaces the Sheikah Slate from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — a key tool with several upgrades helpful for your journey through Hyrule.

To start upgrading the Purah Pad — which includes the Travel Medallion, Hero's Path, and Shrine Sensor — you need to complete the "A Mystery in the Depths" questline. This will unlock the Hateno Village Research Lab, which is where the (upgrade) magic happens. This quest begins and ends in Hyrule Field's Lookout Landing with researcher Josha.

Once you’ve finished up with Josha in Lookout Landing during the "A Mystery in the Depths" quest, Robbie will appear near the balloon you just fixed and instruct you to head over to East Necluda, where the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab is located. You can teleport to Zanmik Shrine to reach the village quickly. The lab is just east of Hateno Village.

The Shrine Sensor is a tool used to find Shrines of Light in Hyrule. The sensor will react with beeping noise when you’re heading toward a shrine — following that means locating a shrine. The Sensor emblem is located on the right-hand side of the Tears of the Kingdom user interface. It’ll blink (and make the sound) more rapidly as you approach a shrine. It can be toggled on through the map screen with the Y button.

Robbie will have you test out the Sensor by running around in his home and, later, outside in Hateno Village. Follow the Sensor to get a feel for how it works.

It’ll lead you to the Mayahisik Shrine, which is hidden inside a cave with its entrance blocked. You’ll need to blow up the rocks to get in. The entrance to the cave is at coordinates (3741, -2085, 0208). We used a bomb flower to get it — stand back!

Head into the cave and glide down the hole to the right, then follow the cave system to reach the Mayahisik Shrine at coordinates (3730, -2058, 0189). Head back to Robbie and the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Once you’ve got the Sensor installed, Robbie will offer to help with another upgrade for the Purah Pad; you can choose the order, but for ease of explanation, we’ll go in order they’re listed.

Robbie will send you off to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in Akkala to seek out prototypes for the Travel Medallion, which lets you set up fast travel gates anywhere. Using it is as easy as opening your inventory and marking the current location to place the medallion and make a gate. In total, the Travel Medallion can make three gates, but it needs to be upgraded to max it out. Let's start, first, with just unlocking the feature.

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is located at the top right-hand side of Hyrule. You’ll probably want to fast travel as close as you can get before making your way from there. The Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower is a good spot, and you can cover a lot of distance with your paraglider from there. Though it's a long journey, you can use that travel time to seek out shrines or monsters to meet Robbie's other upgrade requirements.

Once you find the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, located at coordinates (4510, 3153, 0247), be ready for battle. Trying to enter through the door will kick off a fight against Yiga Clan enemies who shoot red projectiles, which you’ll need to dodge, then hit away with a sword.

Once you’ve dispatched them, enter the lab to meet Konba, a fashion designer, who will give you Yiga Armor. He’ll leave, then search for a chest that holds the Travel Medallion prototype.

If you’re up for exploring, the Rasiwak Shrine is nearby. Once you’re ready, head back to Robbie at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. He’ll unlock the medallion and start offering you upgrades — 10 map-data locations for a second gate and 15 for a third. Now you’ll be able to drop three gates, and delete and reuse the medallions as needed.

The Hero's Path gives the ability to see the exact path of your journey through Hyrule, up to 256 hours of gameplay. On the map screen, push the X button to switch on Hero's Path mode. Do the same to switch it off. The button on the bottom of the screen lets you simple toggle Hero's Path on and off, but also lets you watch the path unravel from the start — it's a very cool feature, and it tracks deaths, too.

Robbie will ask you for data from 15 shrines. If you’ve already got that, you’re all set — he’ll immediately take the Purah Pad and start setting things up. Otherwise, head out and find more shrines before proceeding. Our list of shrine locations can help point you toward some shrines close by.

Sensor + is like an upgraded version of the Shrine Sensor you unlocked earlier — it can detect more than just shrines.

To unlock it, Robbie wants you to fill the compendium with five different types of monsters. You add monsters to the compendium by grabbing their attention and taking a photo. Once you’ve got five different monsters in there, head back to Robbie in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

You can set the Sensor + to search for anything available in the Hyrule Compendium.

After finishing with Purah Pad upgrades, Robbie will brag about his own completed compendium. He's willing to sell pictures from his to help fill out yours — you can choose a category (Fauna, Enemy, Material, Weapon, or Other) for 100 rupees, and he’ll choose what specific photo to give you.

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