Day in the life series aims to ‘shine a light’ on all services council offers
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Day in the life series aims to ‘shine a light’ on all services council offers

Dec 05, 2023

Mansfield District Council is shining a spotlight on some of the many services it offers so residents can hear the stories behind the scenes.

Video packages will be released from different departments within the authority throughout the coming weeks and months. To mark the start of the series this week, the council went behind the scenes with the anti-social behaviour officers, based within the community safety team, to explore their day-to-day roles and how their front-line role plays a vital part in the community.

Throughout the series, other key service areas due to be spotlighted include neighbourhood wardens, waste and recycling, crematoriums and cemeteries, and licensing.

ASB Officer Gary Noble has worked for the council for more than 16 years and said: "I have been an ASB officer for 13 years, and no day is the same. There are always different issues to attend to in the town centre, enforcing the PSPO, dealing with anti-social behaviour and dealing with hot spot areas.

"The job involves a lot of partnership working too, including Mansfield BID and the Mansfield town centre policing team, to share intelligence and tackle problems in a coordinated and joint approach for the benefit of people living, working and visiting the town.

"I live within the district and feel passionate about the town. I do enjoy doing this job as I speak to many people. Sometimes not always a positive reaction; we are there to engage and enforce, where necessary. For me, I have seen changes within the district, and I like to think I have played a small part in those to have made a difference."

The aims of #DayInTheLifeMDC include demonstrating the value Mansfield District Council provides to the public and highlighting the vast array of services the authority delivers for the public.

Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams said: "Politicians know all too well when we’re out in the community, the perception of what the council does is cut grass and empty bins. Whilst they are two of our key services, this series of explainer videos will demonstrate there is so much more to Mansfield District Council.

"We have whole teams who look after our crematorium and cemetery services, environmental health staff, licensing teams to keep everyone in the community safe, leisure centres, and our cultural offerings at the theatre and museum.

"Councils work on behalf of their residents, providing a wide variety of services up and down the country, every day, to support people and make their lives better."Having been a volunteer at The Beacon, I am only too aware of the value of the partnership working between our ASB team, the voluntary sector and the police to identify issues and take action to prevent problems escalating and protect the public. This is an excellent chance for residents to go behind the scenes and hear the stories behind the services.

"I look forward to seeing each series in the coming months and hope it sparks conversations in the community about choosing the council as an exciting employer and recognising how far our reach across Mansfield is."

To view the first video in our series, follow this link (opens in new window).

Published: June 9th 2023