50 Cheap, Clever Things Selling Out on Amazon That You Never Knew Existed
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50 Cheap, Clever Things Selling Out on Amazon That You Never Knew Existed

Jun 14, 2023

Hidden gems that are sure to become favorites.

Just when you think you’ve come across every clever product under the sun, something can come along and knock you off its feet with its ingenuity. On this list, you’ll find not one — but 50 — cheap, masterfully designed things that are selling out on Amazon because they tackle problems, make life easier, and are just plain fun to use.

There's no rock left unturned here — with space-saving products, organizational solutions, and even acne-busting patches all represented. Prepare to get your home, yard, car, and life in tip-top shape — all while not blowing your budget in the process.

If your bathroom is looking a bit worse for wear, don't think you need to spend your vacation budget on expensive retiling. Instead, reach for this ingenious grout pen that works quickly to brighten grout and renews your bathroom's look for less than $10. It comes in a narrow or wide tip option and features a non-toxic, water-based formula that won't leave a chemical smell behind.

Never again feel the fear of turning on your ceiling fan to a possible rainstorm of dust bunnies. With this budget-friendly ceiling fan duster in your arsenal, your home can be dust-free even from the highest, unreachable points. It is designed with an extendable pole that stretches to 47 inches and a large microfiber duster that catches the smallest bits of debris. Easily remove the duster head to wash it in warm water and use it over and over again.

Once you’ve tried one of these genius hydrocolloid patches with over 122,000 reviews, there's no fearing pimples again. With the help of a natural hydrocolloid, the patch gently extracts sebum from a zit and works fast — a smaller, less angry pimple is often seen within 6 to 8 hours. The matte translucent design of the patch allows for it to blend in with the skin effortlessly so that the patch can even be worn throughout the day without drawing attention. Each pack includes 36 patches.

Rather than sending dust flying every which way in an attempt to remove it from blinds and other household surfaces, this effective foam damp duster comes pre-moistened and is designed with narrow ridges to capture and trap dust and dirt. It's perfect for cleaning radiators before the heat comes on and wiping down blinds as the weather warms and windows fly open. Give it a wash after cleanings and use it again.

Being surrounded by a plethora of cords is one of the messy facts of modern life, but that doesn't mean it has to feel like you’re living in tech chaos. Ingenious items such as these cable clips with over 57,000 reviews are here to bring order to cables and wires. They come in a pack of 16 clips of varying sizes and use strong self-adhesive to mount to a variety of surfaces from the wall to your car dash to the underside of your desk.

This pet hair remover has over 138,000 reviews for good reason. It doesn't require endless refills of sticky paper or repeat battery purchases. It relies simply upon moving it back and forth over a furry surface, which generates static electricity and picks up every bit of hair. A handy built-in receptacle stores debris and can then be easily emptied straight into the trash at the touch of a button.

As the weather warms up and humidity sets in, mosquitos sweep in to make their presence known. Enjoy summer without countless itchy bites by turning to these mosquito-repellent incense sticks that use all-natural ingredients such as citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary to ward off those aggravating insects. Each pack includes 12 sticks and each stick offers up to three hours of mosquito protection.

This truly inventive whisk is designed to twist so that it can become a flat whisk for blending or a balloon whisk for whipping. It features steel wires that are coated in silicone and offer stiff whipping power yet won't damage nonstick cookware. The whisk is able to withstand temperatures up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit and can even be popped into the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. Best of all, it will take up next to no room when stored in its flat position.

Check in on those blueberry muffins or remove that roast chicken safely and securely from your oven using this clever oven rack push/pull tool that you didn't know existed. Constructed of your choice of heat-safe silicone or beechwood material, it's designed with special notches and indentations to both pull the rack forward and push it back into place. Conveniently hang it by the hook on the end to have it always at the ready.

If cleaning up crusty splatter from many past microwave reheats isn't your idea of a Saturday well spent, you will be obsessed with this set of silicone lids that prevent said splatter. The heat-resistant lids come in a pack of seven in five different sizes to perfectly accommodate different pots, bowls, cups, or jars. Simply depress the lid onto the bowl and through suction, it will create a firm seal. Place it in the microwave to reheat while knowing the contents will remain in the bowl and not end up on the sides of your microwave.

The best thing since sliced bread has to be the bread dispenser that doles out each slice with ease. No more spending time fussing with bag ties as this dispenser will have you onto your sandwich-making in no time. Keeping the bread in its original bag, place it inside the box and fold the sides of the bag over the box edge. As the bag is pulled further down, each new slice will be brought up to the top. In addition, the box will both keep your bread fresher and prevent it from getting accidentally crushed in a pantry cabinet.

Save time (and your back, arms, wrists, and hands) cleaning narrow and small spaces with this power scrubber that costs less than $25. It uses four included AA batteries and features two settings (pulse and continuous) to efficiently clean hard-to-reach areas with a powerful oscillating head. Perfect for corners, grout lines, kitchen appliances, and even around windows, this scrubber beats the heck out of the old-fashioned toothbrush method.

Easily create your own backyard Audubon Society sanctuary when you set up this bird bath that easily clamps onto your balcony railing. The adjustable and moveable steel base fits railings up to 2 inches thick and is fully rust and weather-resistant. The lightweight plastic bowl comes in a terracotta color and is easy to both fill and clean. All you need now is your comprehensive guidebook of native birds.

Though you may have never even known of a refrigerator liner, once you pop these on your shelves, you’ll love the way they keep surfaces clean and your produce crisp. Made of soft EVA foam, the liners are washable and reusable in addition to being totally customizable with the help of a pair of scissors. The cushioned surface prevents your fruits and vegetables from bruising and the porous material enables more air circulation and less spoilage.

Take those bulky comforters, quilts, and seasonal items off your closet shelves and, instead, neatly store them in these under-bed storage containers. Two come in every set and stow away underneath the bed, thus freeing up valuable closet real estate. They feature strong zippers, transparent covers so you can easily see what's inside, and an attractive non-woven fabric exterior with contrast trim. They’re available in three shades: black, gray, and java.

This popular and practical jar opener has over 23,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating for its ability to release seriously stuck lids. No one should be prevented from indulging in their beloved peanut butter or mustard, let alone the joy of pickles. Install this opener easily underneath a cabinet using the included screws or self-adhesive and the built-in metal teeth will do the hard work for you.

Nevermore fear straining your back or spilling buckets of water as you anxiously tip that 5-gallon bottle onto the dispenser stand. Enter this electric water dispenser that sits atop all standard gallon jugs and easily pumps water out with the mere press of a button— no flipping necessary. It uses a USB rechargeable battery for long-lasting performance and is powerful enough to pump over a liter of water in under a minute.

Create elegant lighting vignettes for only $20 when you install these LED puck lights under cabinets, in closets, or along stairways. Three battery-operated lights come in every pack and mount securely using either the included self-adhesive or hardware. Tap them to trigger their warm white light and enjoy up to 100 hours of illumination before a battery replacement is needed.

Laundry day doesn't have to result in surfaces dripping with detergent that's hard to clean up. This clever detergent holder with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating is designed to hold your detergent upside down at an angle, so that it will effortlessly pour into the cup without leaving a mess. In case there are some extra drips, the provided tray contains any extra liquid and can be cleaned in a snap. A strap is even included to keep your bottle securely in place.

Give wooden chairs or tables that have endured some tough love over the years a second chance with these wood markers that make those scuffs and scratches virtually vanish. They come in a set that includes six wax sticks and six markers in varying shades of brown or black to match your furniture. Fill in deep-set scratches with the wax stick and use the marker to touch it up so that scuffs become barely visible to the eye.

With over 56,000 reviews, this broom holder is clearly a popular choice for instantly whipping your utility closet into shape. It cleverly mounts to the wall using the included hardware and has five rubber-gripped slots to hold brooms, mops, or rakes, as well as six hooks for smaller, hangable tools. It's able to hold up to 35 pounds of weight and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This grill light that comes in a set of two is a perfect barbecue accessory to assist with evening grilling, no matter the weather. It features a magnetic base to keep it secure atop your grill and a flexible gooseneck to direct the light exactly where you need it. Three AAA batteries power the LED bulbs to offer a bright white light and there's even a case included to store them safely when not needed.

Create built-in hours of entertainment when you hang this brightly colored hummingbird feeder that will draw equally vibrant hummingbirds to your doorstep or backyard. It's designed with a large 26-ounce capacity and its wide mouth makes it easy to fill with seeds. It even features a small "ant moat" near the top hook to prevent insects from accessing the feeder. As an added bonus, the material won't overheat despite hot weather, keeping those beautiful hummingbirds coming all season long.

If your cute and cuddly best friend is turning everything you own to shreds, take action using these furniture protection shields. They’re totally transparent so they’ll subtly blend in and can be easily cut to size to fit your couch or chair. Attach them to your upholstery using the peel-off self-adhesive and secure them even further with the included twist pins. It won't be long before your sweet fluff ball learns that previously beloved couch corner is officially off-limits.

Nothing is as satisfying as reaching for the battery of your choosing, knowing it's completely juiced up and ready to go. This dream can be a reality when you store and test batteries in this ingenious battery organizer, which includes a removable battery tester. It has designated slots to store up to 93 batteries in multiple sizes such as AA, AAA, and 9-volt. It comes in six colors such as black, green, or blue, and can be placed in a cabinet or mounted to the wall.

Forget your traditional bulky strainer, this innovative strainer is a quarter the size and attaches directly to your pot or pan with clamps on the side. It's constructed of food-grade, BPA-free silicone that's heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and can be popped in the dishwasher. Available in three colors (gray, lime green, and red), you can use this strainer on all kinds of different pots and bowls to drain pasta water or wash produce.

There's nothing as frustrating as wasting a bunch of paper towels and cleaning fluid on a surface you could swear was clean, but now, in that particular light, looks streaky. Opt instead for this affordable and reusable glass-cleaning cloth that's made with a dual-layer of fine microfiber and only requires water to create a completely streak-free finish. Use it on any and all glass surfaces in addition to stainless steel and electronic screens.

If rug corners have begun to curl up rebelliously, causing possible tripping, these $15 rug corner grippers are the simple fix. Made of rubber, they’re designed in a V-shape and attach to each corner of the rug using self-adhesive. They can be safely applied to low or high-pile rugs, as well as a number of surfaces ranging from hardwood to tile to stone. Each pack comes with four grippers.

This soda can organizer can hold up to four standard cans and features built in holes on the bottom for added air circulation. The plastic material is flexible yet sturdy and a handle at the end makes it easy to carry this organizer to parties, beach days, or picnics. Easily stack these side by side on your refrigerator shelf or in the pantry to save major storage space.

If haphazard plastic bag storage has brought chaos to your kitchen drawers, you will love this food storage bag organizer that keeps everything neat and contained. It's made with four compartments: three that can fit quart, sandwich, and snack-sized bags, and one designed for gallon-size bags. There are even 21 different labels included to distinguish what's stored in each slot. Best of all, you can stash this organizer in your drawer or adhere it to your fridge, thanks to its magnetic backing.

Speed up your drying process, keep your home safe, and save money on electricity bills simply by removing all that built-up lint in your dryer using this budget-friendly dryer vent cleaning kit. The kit includes a synthetic brush head and a flexible rod that can extend up to 40 feet. Using the appropriate drill bit, attach the rod to a power drill to derive serious cleaning power, and put the brush head down the vent (both from the inside and outside) to extract years of accumulated lint.

With over 25,000 reviews, many have clearly chosen nature's naturally powerful scrubbing tool in the form of this ingenious pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner. Requiring no harsh chemical cleaners, all you have to do is wet the stone and use it to gently rub the surface of your toilet bowl, bathtub, sink, or tiles to effectively remove built-up stains. Though powerful, the material won't leave a scratch and, as an added bonus, can be stored in its own accompanying case.

Collecting and storing bacon grease is well worth the effort for future flavorful meals, but can create a whole lot of mess in the moment. This bacon grease container makes it all the more doable and won't cost you more than $20 for the pleasure. Made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel, it features a convenient handle as well as a strainer for conveniently sifting out food particles. It can hold up to 5 cups of cooking oil and a small spout allows for easy pouring.

This splatter screen sits right on top of your frying pan while its fine stainless steel mesh cleverly keeps all that flying grease from leaving said pan and landing on your stovetop. It comes in four sizes ranging from 13 to 15 inches and includes integrated small feet so you can set it on your countertop without leaving a mess. Additionally, use it as a cooling rack or strainer and put it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Get your steps in while doing your yard a world of good when you strap on these lawn aerator shoes. They fit right over your shoes using three straps secured by buckles and feature 13 metal spikes on the sole of each shoe which are attached to a sturdy base. With every step the spikes create space for more airflow as well as water penetration, thus helping grass grow that much faster and stronger.

Being on the move means that sometimes you’re housing a granola bar or downing a bottle of water. Keep your car clean throughout necessary snacking sessions with this car trash can that's so leakproof, it can actually double as a cooler. It attaches securely to your headrest, the side door handle, or your console using the adjustable strap and even gets you started with 20 included disposable trash liners. Use the mesh side pockets for more storage and collapse it down flat when not needed.

If you’ve ever wished you could carry both your water and iced coffee in as streamlined a way as possible, you’re in luck. This clever portable cup has two built-in compartments for two different beverages, each with its own straw for easy drinking. You can clearly see each drink through the food-grade plastic and its secure silicone ring around the lid lets you go about your day with no fear of leakage.

Instead of allowing those voluminous plastic bags to take up an entire cabinet, mount one of these plastic bag savers to keep them both contained and easily accessible. It's made with a fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel finish and installs easily using the included hardware. Simply put your bags through the top hole to easily grab one when needed from the dispenser below.

Whoever invented these genius compressed towelettes deserves a slow clap. There aren't very many places these cleansing cloths won't come in handy, from a picnic out at the park to a camping trip to an airplane. Each pack includes 100 towelettes that come in a compact coin size and only require a mere tablespoon of water to expand into a soft yet strong mini towel made of hypoallergenic and fragrance-free viscose. Two compact waterproof cases are included to make them easy as can be to tote around.

Get that clutter contained while providing an extra seat for company at the same time with this storage ottoman. Made with an elegant faux-leather tufted lid, it offers extra space to store away blankets, throws, pillows, toys, books, and more. Additionally, use it as a surface to hold a tray of drinks or food and collapse it down fully flat to be easily stored without any hassle.

Put away those strong smelling fabric softeners, fabric sheets, or anti-static sprays, because all you need is the power of natural materials. These reusable wool dryer balls use no chemicals yet help to soften clothing, absorb static, and shorten overall drying time — completely naturally. They’re perfect for those with sensitive skin and if you like your clothes to be left with a light scent, you can easily add several drops of the essential oil of your choice to each ball.

As an incredibly handy accessory any outdoorsy person would appreciate, this solar lantern charges by the sun and collapses down to puck size for great portability. It offers three light modes (low, high, and SOS) and can be hung up or attached to your backpack via a small handle. Able to provide up to 10 hours of light once charged, it can also power your phone via the included USB port.

A wood-burning fire or fire pit already brings cozy vibes, but you can take it up a notch by creating an enchanting atmosphere with these magical flames packets. Toss one to three of them into a fire and soon you’ll see your typical orange flames shift into a multicolor display that lasts over an hour. With over 38,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating, these are a go-to choice for bringing the magic to any evening spent by the fire.

Forget expensive trips to the salon to get rid of calluses only to have them reappear after a short time. This foot peel mask will thoroughly take care of the problem by using botanical extracts to slough off massive amounts of dry skin, revealing fresh, callus-free skin underneath. Simply slip on the booties for an hour and watch the exfoliation process unfold in under two weeks. It's available in three scents: aloe vera, tea tree, and peppermint.

Install this bidet attachment in a matter of minutes to provide yourself with a bit of luxury in the day-to-day. It allows you to adjust the water pressure to your liking as well as the nozzle angle to achieve the perfect hygienic experience. You’ll even save money down the line on toilet paper supplies — a win-win.

This clever flameless lighter will never run out of propane or become useless when up against a robust breeze. It uses a plasma spark that's charged via USB to light anything from candles to stoves to fires while the long neck and angled head make it easy to light hard-to-reach wicks. It features built-in safety settings to prevent accidents and has great functionality no matter the weather.

Gamers, coders, and those who require snacks while working (so …everyone?) will become obsessed with this nuts dispenser that keeps fingers squeaky clean. No more crumbs or particles stuck in keyboard cracks because the mere push of a button on this dispenser releases a nut (or Skittle, M&M or Smartie) directly into your mouth. It's easy to both fill and clean and can hold up to 9 ounces of your favorite small-sized snack.

Bid farewell to both expensive visits from the plumber as well as moldy drains caused by clogged water. This hair catcher sticker sits over any flat drain and catches all hair and debris that might have otherwise gotten through. It uses a waterproof adhesive to firmly attach to the drain and can remain there for up to three weeks or whenever you decide it's time to peel it off and replace it. Each pack comes with 25 hair catcher stickers for months of use.

Satisfying a niche but essential need, this car cup holder allows you to have your larger reusable bottle at your side while you’re en route instead of rolling around the front seat or floor. It's designed to sit firmly in the existing cup holder but offers an expandable base to accommodate larger bottles. A slot on the side provides space for handles and a nonslip coaster at the bottom keeps things even more secure.

Overwatered or underwatered? This eternal question plaguing plant owners can be put to bed when these plant watering globes are put to use. After being filled with water and inserted into the soil (one per plant), the globe will automatically deliver the exact amount of water required by the plant, providing you with hands-off maintenance. Each set includes six glass globes designed in beautiful colors that will only add to your now thriving garden.

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